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Greece Property Buying Guide

Greece is an absolutely stunning country with many gorgeous views. If you are thinking of buying property in Greece you will be buying a little slice of heaven. Imagine taking trips throughout the year to your vacation home in Greece. Relax while taking in all of the breathtaking views every way you look.

There are different steps to follow when buying property in Greece. If you want to invest in property in Greece and you do not live in the country, there are specific rules to follow.

First off, you may want to contact a estate agent as he or she can help you buy property in Greece. He or she can help you get permission to be allowed to purchase the property. Usually it does not take very long to acquire the property you are interested in.

Next you will need to get a tax role number. You will obtain your tax role number at a tax office in Greece. To receive a tax role number a citizen of a European Country can show their ID card that is received from the government. If you live outside of Greece or a European country you must show your passport to receive your tax role number.

Another step in how to buy property in Greece is you must acquire a pink slip to show where your money is coming from if you live outside of Greece or Europe. If you do not show the pink slip you will be taxed on your money which can be quite costly. The Greek government considers any money without a pink slip as earned income which is taxable.

Once you acquire your pink slip you will need to open a bank account in Greece. The only way your money is accepted is through a bank account from the country. You will work with a public notary who will oversee the purchase of your property in Greece. You can get the information from your estate agent on where to find the public notary.

You may choose to get your own lawyer to make sure everything goes smooth and safe when buying property in Greece. It is highly recommended to hire a lawyer when dealing with property of another country.

The next step on how to buy property in Greece is you will make an offer on the desired property and a preliminary contract will be offered. You will have to put a 10% deposit down on the property when you have this contract drawn up. You will not get the 10% deposit back unless it is due to the seller ending the sale or if the title to the property will not be available in the time frame within the preliminary contract. As a word of caution, if you decide you do not want the property, in addition to not getting the 10% of your money back, you may also face legal charges against you from the seller.

The final contract will be signed by both parties once all of the above is completed. (Financing is taken care of by you and the seller has completed his or her end of the deal.) When signing the final contract the public notary and estate agent will be with you to complete the sale.

You have completed the process of how to buy property in Greece and you are now the proud owner of your Greek property.

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This is meant as a general guide and should not be seen as legal advice.

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